How to Stay Healthy During the Holidays

How to Stay Healthy During the Holidays

Who doesn’t love the holidays? With all that food and all the festivities, it’s hard not to. But one thing that many people do find to be troublesome, is actually staying healthy during these months. Seasons change, and it can be difficult to maintain your health with so much going on. Well, after we enjoyed a fun-filled and fattening Thanksgiving, we decided to come up with some helpful tips to inspire you to stay on track this holiday season!

Stay Active

Don’t let the cold weather keep you in the house! Maintain a regular exercise routine and find fun wintertime activities to participate in. Opt for a physical family activity, such as ice skating, sledding or cutting down your own Christmas tree. Or bring a family member or friend along with you for your daily run or hike. Instead of dreading your solo workout, you can look forward to getting outside with the ones you love. For tips on how to dress properly to perform at your best during the wintertime, see last month’s blog post “Winterize Your Workout”.

Watch Those Portions

While there’s so much yummy food to go around, it might seem easy to let your diet and nutrition go on holiday too. Watch your portion sizes, especially if you’ll be eating several different meals in a day. Keep the sweets and fatty foods to a minimum, so you can indulge without adding on those extra pounds. Another trick is to modify your normal eating times so that they align more with your relatives, in order to avoid having an extra meal or two some days. Portion sizes can be kept small, not just with food, but with more adult indulgences as well. You may be celebrating, but try to drink only one glass of bubbly or beer. Alcohol has a lot of calories and can make it hard to resist those other temptations.

Germ Away

It’s cold and flu season, let’s kill those germs. Bacteria and germs spread very quickly in the cold season, and it’s important to keep yourself and your home healthy and germ free.One of the most important things you can do for yourself and your family is to get vaccinated! Getting a flu shot is the fool proof way to protect your loved ones from getting ill this holiday season. Here’s a few more tips: Keep some disinfectant by your side at all times, take some medicine at the first sign of a runny nose or sore throat, cover up when you sneeze and cough, and make sure kids and adults bundle up from head to toe before heading outside to play.

Don’t Forget to De-Stress

As wonderful as it can be, the holidays can also be very stressful. Managing a busy schedule, hectic holiday shopping, maintaining your holiday budget, and spending so much time around your relatives are just a few of the things that can have your banging your head against the wall this year. To keep yourself from going crazy, don’t forget to destress. Find some time for yourself, even if just for a matter of minutes, to clear your head. Think of calming tasks you can do on your own that will give you an emotional boost. Stay positive throughout all the hustle and bustle and remember the reason for the season!

Keep your focus on fun and festivity this year by jam packing your season full of awesome projects, enjoying your loved ones, and following our advice above to achieve a healthy, happy holiday for your whole family. At Silverletic, we are dedicated to promoting a healthy, comfortable lifestyle for all. We hope you follow us on social media to stay up to date with all of latest news and deals! Have a happy holiday!